Monday, December 1, 2008

The Bacon Bug

After Thanksgiving I look forward to Turkey sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise and bacon. On Friday I figured we'd eat more sandwiches if the bacon was always around. I decided to cook a decent size batch (3/4 of a pound for my family of three) and keep it at the ready while we worked away at our Thanksgiving Tom. The problem is, the turkey got left out of the sandwiches. And so was the lettuce, mayonnaise and bread.

I've been bitten. I've always liked bacon. My mom made bacon on Sunday mornings. It was pretty good. I don't remember getting excited about it, but I liked it. Something happened recently though. It's gotten out of hand.

There's been a slow crescendo to bacon craziness nationally as well, more bacon sales and strange bacon products like bacon dental floss, bandages even a bacon bra. I've stayed away from the novelties, but I can barely contain myself when it comes to bacon itself. Once those crispy brown bits of heaven leave the pan, I have to pop one in. If its around, I am ravenous, even when I've just eaten.

Sorry, gotta go. There's something in the kitchen I have to do.

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