Friday, September 18, 2009

Challah - a first attempt

Of my kitchen New Year's resolutions, I didn't set out with the goal of making challah, but I wanted to expand my range of baking beyond baguettes. So far I've made: Sandwich loaves, Italian loaves, dinner rolls, rye (not a hit in the house), potato flour hamburger buns (underbaked and too mushy to be satisfying), and now challah. The smell alone was a reward.

Of the many lessons from my adventure:
  1. Make the "ropes" of the braid smaller (perhaps pencil size?) - they will expand on their own.
  2. Buy a back-up loaf (thanks Kaeti)
  3. Don't get too egg wash happy. One of the loaves had a lot on the bottom and burned, creating a bitter taste. Easy to cut off, but ...
  4. Stock up on eggs, butter, and flour for next Rosh Hashanah!
  5. I'm happy with this year's efforts, but you bet I'll be asking Jewish grandmothers (and comments below) for free advice.

The challah tastes goods, but I definitely need some help with braiding. Whatever failures in technique were made up for in French toast on the back porch with the MC (Mini Chef).

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Keane said...

Challah makes great french toast!