Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Golden Fig on Grand Ave

The Golden Fig (790 Grand Ave in St. Paul) could not help but attract my attention. Figs are on my short list of romantic foods. The only others being chocolate, almonds, coffee and tea. A locavore fine foods store, The Golden Fig limits their inventory to Midwest produced goods and a small number of items that cannot be produced in the area (e.g. chocolate, tea). Figs are not their specialty. Sadly, they haven't even had figs lately.

Owner Laurie Crowell likes to emphasize the freshness of the goods, mostly small batches of breads, honey, jams, and a few speciality products. While visiting, she gave me a sample of a tomato dip made with fresh trout. I wouldn't normally think to pair the two, but the trout gave the dip a pate-like fullness and the tomato provided enough acidity to boost the flavor.
Like most gourmet/specialty/fine foods shops, the inventory is limited, so check if you're looking for something in particular. But I like to visit for serendipity, and I'll definitely return.
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